Checks shirts, not flannel, are a more classic with a boho-chic twist style, and look great with:

• dark jeans

• chinos

• black pants

• brogues, oxfords, Martens, tennis shoes

• tucked in

Although… for the past years THIS particular look has become a uniform for all boys too lazy to think out of the box fashion wise. Yes, it looks good, it’s put together, and slightly trendy, but it’s been so done that I’d like to see something new.

Also, if I see one more boy in this uniform on a Saturday night… I swear I’ll either go insane, or just let him know IT’S OKAY TO DRESS CASUAL WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT WORK. In what? Here’s a crazy thought… A T-shirt! OR even a shirt.

Even the same shirt but styled more casually. No matter the shirt (perhaps not a tuxedo shirt) pair it with more laid back pieces like:

• Jeans

• Shorts,

• Tennis shoes, loafers, boots

• Cuff your jeans/pants

• Roll up the sleeves of the shirt

• And have fun with accessories: watches, hats, baseball caps, jewellery.

Sounds like such a cliche but it’s always in the details. When the going gets tough remember this:

• slim cut shirts are the best

office wear: dark shirts or white shirts work best and easiest to style. Funkier styles go best for office when paired with more classic pieces.

casual wear: printed more fun styles look more trendy, OR keep your office shirt on, BUT pair it with more casual funky pieces.

• a good fit is tres importante